Transportation in Georgia

Transportation in Georgia 2018-07-14T21:40:17+04:00

If you want to get from Tbilisi to Batumi or Kutaisi, or vice versa, the quickest way is by plane. Georgian Airways operates direct flights from Tbilisi to Batumi and Kutaisi which take about 35 minutes in both cases.

You can travel to Svaneti, a mountainous region of Georgia, by small plane but only in summer. These flights take approximately an hour. You can reach it in a day by car. Flights to and from Svaneti can be cancelled due to poor visibility, so in bad weather we’ll offer you an appropriate vehicle.

Train travel is widespread in Georgia, and the network extends from the capital to each region. You can take trains to Batumi, Kobuleti, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe from Tbilisi, and to Telavi via Sagarejo and Gurjaani. From Borjomi a “kukushka train” will take you to Bakuriani, a famous ski resort. This train is especially popular in winter, when it serves plenty of tourists and winter sports fans.

Road transport is the most common form in Georgia. The country has 22,000 km of roads, the majority of which are surfaced and comply with international standards. Roads connect the capital with the regions. It is 700 km from one end of Georgia to the other, and this distance can be covered in a day. There is an autobahn from Tbilisi to Western Georgia.

A range of different vehicles: cars, 4×4 jeeps, buses, minibuses, minivans, etc., is available in every region. We will offer you the most appropriate and comfortable mode of transport for your itinerary and budget. Taxi travel is very common in Georgia. The majority of taxis belongs to private individuals, and their number is growing in both the capital and the regions. There are also companies which offer particular marques of car.

If you need a taxi you can ask the receptionist or order a taxi by phone. We’ll provide you with the phone numbers of the relevant companies. You can also hail a taxi in the street, and it will take you to the desired destination comfortably and safely.

Taxis are very affordable in Georgia. The majority of taxi drivers don’t know foreign languages, but you can ask hotel staff to write the destination in Georgian for you and show this note to the driver.

The Tbilisi metro is the only metro system in Georgia and is a popular and quick way of getting between the city center and the suburbs. The metro will help you avoid traffic jams in the city streets.